A girl and her bike (a poem)

poem by kansi, illustration by Tante Vince


As she bikes down
concrete paths
some more broken
than others
few littered with glass
some pinching through my layers

she takes me all around town
maybe she’s looking for something
I lose my breathe every
Once in a while
she knows
care work is forgotten

but I forgive her
as I get to see
her laugh through the city
maybe a bit dangerously sometimes

I detest it when
She cries in the night
Maybe she thinks nobody knows
Lost in the city and in her mind

Anyone can see her growth
She doesn’t of course
No more is she riding
Sad to go back to a place
That doesn’t feel like home yet

Don’t know what exactly
She searches for
Perhaps an identity
A community?

At least she has me
To accompany her
While she searches
For the sense of belonging



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