The Team

Shubhangi Kansal (kansi)
Editor / Organization 

Researcher and freshly unemployed, wannabe journalist. Struggles with identities and wants to explore and reflect on intergenerational struggles, passive racism, facisim and queernes.

Regina Wider
Layout / Organisation

Fashion/designer and artist. Hit Leipzig about the same time Covid did. Currently working on small art projects and taking a break from fashion because sewing under pressure during fashion design studies has made her hate fabric.

Salome Theenhaus
Editor / Organization

A writer, artist and film-maker by turns and detours. Tries to process the abnormality of the capitalist and patriarchal world in her artistic work. However, she does not forget the nonsense and silliness in her daily life.

Emyd Espinoza
Layout / Organisation

Likes to play chess, dance to any kind of music, watch movies and  sometimes humanity. Sometimes he can be really sarcastic, and even get lost in knowing if what he says is sarcasm or not.

Hannan Rahmounie
Editor / Podcaster

Hannan is studying cultural sciences at Universität Leipzig. Her interest for post-colonialism and experimental journalism brought her to incite. Although she is actually interested in radio journalism she stayed in the group and found her own little niche. Hannan is producing and hosting Incites first podcast „Afro & deutsch“.

Usman Javed

If you search him in town you would probably find him on the crowded spots, bars, coffee or food places. Nothing is better then a good crusty pizza, a perfectly made coffe or delicious parathas. (Always up for new recommondations!)

Till Wimmer
Editor / Organization

Its stage with all its aspects and variety of arts has always been his core inspiration. Be it as a technician, booker or while writing concept ideas for future projects. His main playground is located in the east of Leipzig: The Ost-Passage Theatre.